About Us

SARAC (Sexual Abuse Rape Advice Centre) is a charity based in Burton upon Trent offering free, independent and one-to-one emotional support, information and advice.

Our specialist support is for everyone over 11 years of age who have been affected at any time in their lives. We work in partnership with our clients to expand their choices, facilitate recovery and encourage personal growth.

The fundamental principles on which the service operates are as follows:

  • The responsibility for the offence always lies with the perpetrator.
  • The psychological injury resulting from sexual assault and/or rape is based in trauma.
  • Client self-determination and empowerment is critical to trauma recovery.
SARAC believes that it is every person’s human right to live their life free of violence, and if violence occurs, it is their right to receive compassionate, professional assistance in their recovery.

Introduction to the Organisation

SARAC (sexual abuse rape advice centre) was formed in 1994 by a group of local women who were appalled at the lack of support for people dealing with the aftermath of childhood/adulthood sexual abuse and/or rape. It is a developing charity, although its aims remain the same – offering bespoke services for everyone over the age of 11, leading to a reduction in the suffering caused by the effects of sexual abuse and/or rape, and thereby leading to the prevention of secondary victimisation. SARAC’s objectives include the delivery of specialist, face-to-face emotional support, ensuring all supporters are trained to a high standard, and are managed and supported to a high standard.

SARAC’s service users present with a range of issues that stem from sexual abuse; many are self-referrals.

SARAC has secured strong support from local organisations and authorities, all of whom recognise the value of its work. The staff team has grown and, in turn, so has the volunteer programme, which offers accredited training and ensures that high-quality emotional support is available to those suffering from the effects of sexual abuse.


To live in a world free from sexual violence

Mission Statement

To provide trauma-informed support and education to all people affected by sexual violence in Burton and surrounding areas