Our Team

SARAC is a specialist charity for sexual abuse and rape, offering emotional support services for those who have been affected by the traumas caused by sexual abuse and/or rape, and the associated issues.

The services are confidential, and are offered for those who are 11 years of age or older, and who are seeking support – survivors, families, partners, carers and friends – regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability, or political and religious opinion.

Our main office is in Burton upon Trent. It offers helpline support services and face-to-face, one-to-one support.

Board of Trustee’s

SARAC is a charity and has a Board of Trustee’s, who are local professionals from a broad range of industry sectors, and who offer their skills and experience to help SARAC to achieve its aims and objectives. SARAC is governed by the Trustees of the charity. Trustees meet monthly to oversee the organisation’s governance and strategic direction. To learn about the governance structure of SARAC, including information about the Board of Trustee’s, organisational structure, policies, etc., please contact us by email on staff@sarac.org.uk

Office Management Team

This team works behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly, plus raises vital funds to make sure SARAC can continue with its amazing support and prevention work.

Services Team

This specialist team assesses all new clients, manages the supporters, and maintains high levels of professional and ethical standards.

Therapists and Support Team

All of SARAC’s emotional support staff have had specialist training in working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, and practice within the BACP code of ethics.

Young Persons’ Services Team

This team works in schools, youth clubs and other settings to reduce the risk of harm and exploitation and provide one-to-one support for those who have been affected.

Helpline Services Team

Offering support, information and signposting across the UK to anyone who wants to talk about rape and sexual abuse. SARAC can also offer support by telephone to those who can’t physically access its services.

Training Team

Providing tailor-made sessions, locally and nationally, covering a wide range of subjects from safeguarding, and working with self-harm and child protection issues to understanding the emotional, psychological and physical effects of trauma. Parents, fostering services, therapeutic centres, teachers, the police/criminal justice system, and mental health professionals have all used SARAC ’s training services.

Cathy Miles

Chief Executive

Amanda Baker

Adult Services Lead

Caroline Fotheringham

Young Person’s Service Lead

Liz McDermott

Young Person’s Support Worker

Jocelin Spencer

Equality & Diversity Officer

Gemma Shorthouse

Centre Co-ordinator

Ryan Selby

Young Person’s Support Worker

Stevie Bea

Young Person's Support Worker

Our Trustees

Mary Bright

Chair, Trustee

Appointed to board: 1/10/2019

David Martin

Treasurer, Trustee, Finance
Sub-Committee Chair

Appointed to board: 15/9/2020

John McKiernan

Vice-Chair, Trustee, Safeguarding Sub-Committee Member

Appointed to board: 19/11/2018

Joanne Drummond-Child


Appointed to board: 1/5/2018

Susan Adey Rankin


Appointed to board: 20/3/2020

Tony Lennon

Trustee, Finance Sub-Committee Vice Chair

Appointed to board: 8/2/2022

Katherine Bagnall

Trustee, Safeguarding
Sub-Committee Chair

Appointed to board: 8/3/2022