Pamper Night with Guys and Dolls and SARAC

Salon, Guys and Dolls, based in Burton-upon-Trent are hosting a special pamper night event offering hair styling, perfume trying, card reading, and more. With a fun line-up of different stalls, there will be loads to enjoy and with a presence from SARAC at the occasion, we’ll be around to talk a bit about who we are and what we do, spreading more awareness and educating a new audience about our charity.

The pamper night will begin at 4pm on November 11th 2022 at Guys and Dolls, and will end at 8pm. You can turn up and browse the different stalls as you please, enjoying all the treatments and sales on offer. Card reading will be a special offering on the day, but will need a pre-booking to ensure everyone gets the chance to have their cards read by an expert for only £7. On the day, Guys and Dolls will have a presence from big brands such as Tropic, Temple Spa and GHD! Plus, even more are to be announced.

Why are SARAC there? We’re attending the event, not just for a pamper, but we’ll be discussing who SARAC is, spreading some awareness about our local charity and making our services known. By raising awareness of the help we can offer people, we can reach more people who have suffered sexual violence and/or rape and change the outcome for victims.

We’re not only there for the Guys and Dolls clients, however. In fact, we’ll be working with Guys and Dolls staff offering training in how they might spot signs of abuse, and how they can sensitively guide people they are concerned about to SARAC. Hairdressers and beauticians often have a close relationship with their clients and people are known to open to their stylists. Therefore, the Guys and Dolls staff are in a unique position to be able to help their clients when concerning information is shared. That is why, together, we will work with Guys and Dolls staff to train them in how best to handle and refer their clients if needed.

Claire from Guys and Dolls has spoken about the importance of this training and why it is relevant to her and her colleagues, “It is crucial to have a service like SARACparticularly within our industry. Our clients trust us and can sometimes disclose personal details to us, and it will be wonderful to be able to signpost them to SARAC’s services. We feel it is important to enlighten staff, so that they can be alert, in order to be able to point clients in need in the right direction.”

Thank you to Guys and Dolls for welcoming our private training, as well as hosting this exciting, upcoming pamper night and having SARAC attend to spread awareness about our charity.