Reaching Out to Minority Communities

SARAC has been awarded a National Lottery Reaching Communities grant of £182, 229, allowing us to pilot a ground-breaking project among marginalised communities in and around Burton.

This two-year project will prioritise cultural awareness, trauma-informed care, and inclusivity, with the aim of reaching and supporting survivors of sexual violence who may be undocumented, living in poverty, or members of minority communities. Survivors within these groups often face additional challenges accessing healthcare and support services, and may be discriminated against in these settings which can lead to re-traumatisation.

All our work at SARAC is informed by the firm belief that it is every person’s human right to live their life free of violence, and if violence occurs, they should be able to receive compassionate, professional help in their recovery regardless of their background, ethnicity or sexuality; this project is key to ensuring we can deliver on this mission.

As part of this project, we have appointed two new posts to work within these groups, prioritising male survivors, LGBTQ+, disability, neurodivergent, and ethnically diverse communities. We’re also working hard at SARAC to increase our understanding of cultural and religious beliefs, which we hope will allow us to offer a more inclusive and fully accessible support provision going forwards.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded this grant. It is going to fund vital work that will allow survivors, who may have previously felt that they did not have a voice, to be listened to without fear of discrimination, to be supported, to heal, and to feel empowered. It’s going to help us change lives.”

– Cathy Miles, Chief Executive