SARAC Calls On Government To Act On Child Sexual Abuse Recommendations

The IICSA report was published last year and detailed its investigation into child sexual abuse in England and Wales over several decades. It also proposed a package of important recommendations to prevent child sexual abuse, and support any victims in the future. Now, SARAC along with several other charities, including The Survivors Trust, Survivors of Abuse and Mankind have united to put pressure on the Government to implement the recommended adjustments, after the report uncovered serious institutional failings to protect children from sexual abuse.

Upon conclusion of the inquiry in 2022, Legacy benches were installed around England and Wales to commemorate those who have experienced child sexual abuse, as well as to encourage further conversations and action on the subject. On the anniversary of the report’s publication, some of the SARAC team visited their local Legacy bench, based at England Football Team’s home, St. George’s Park.

Whilst visiting the bench, Nicola Rigby, Young Persons Team Coordinator with SARAC, took the opportunity to reflect on the important nature of the report, saying “The IICSA report and its recommendations are incredibly important to ensure that essential multi agency teamwork is in place going forward, to safeguard children.”

A year on from the publication of the enquiry, SARAC are encouraging people to make their voices heard and demand urgent change. We’re inviting members of the public to join us in raising awareness of child sexual abuse and to call on the Government to take action.

Cathy Miles, Chief Executive at SARAC, said “There are many ways you can get involved, for the sake of children up and down the country, as well as for future generations. Visit your local Legacy benches, write to your local MP outlining your concerns and your desire to see change regarding this issue, participate in meaningful, open discussions on the topic of child sexual abuse where you can, and finally, take to social media using the hashtag #ActOnIICSA to help us raise awareness nationwide.”

To find out more about how you can get involved and encourage the government to Act on IICSA, visit:

Act on IICSA